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Whenever you’re ready to get yourself some new windows installed, you’ll want to make sure there are no hidden surprises and have the right to ask your window installation specialist questions. 

This isn’t too much about pushing your window installer some unwarranted questions, but to help build transparency towards whatever the work will end up looking like this. This way, you feel comfortable with the installation and level of service you end up receiving. 

Can they provide references?

One of the most imperative places to begin is seeing the work they’ve done in the past. Whether it’s a portfolio of previous window installations, glass replacement, and glass repairs that they’ve done in the past. There should be people you can reach out to and make sure that there’s nothing suspect from those inquiries. 

You’ll also want to ensure that you’ve confirmed what their specialty is. Are they general contractors that can do new windows, or are they highly specialized in glass repairs or glass replacement? 

It’s important to note the difference because handling glass as a construction product requires a much more delicate approach than other types of construction. You want to always make sure the new windows you’ve had installed don’t need to be replaced the minute a storm has passed through and caused damage. 

Are they properly insured and certified? 

As part of the reference check, when you’re looking for the best companies that handle glass repairs or new windows is to have the right type of insurance and certifications. Any reputable glass company will be able to provide these immediately, and there shouldn’t be any questions about their experience. 

However, suppose they cannot provide any type of insurance. In that case, there’s the risk that if something goes wrong, whether they are liable or not, they won’t be properly insured to cover the damages, which could cause unnecessary stress and financial issues for you.

Your glass replacement specialists should be properly insured to provide safety and peace of mind. Any true glass replacement or those who handle glass repairs will always stand by their work and have insurance to cover any unintended damages. 

When it comes to your window installer, a final piece is to check exactly how long they’ve been in business. If you’re working with anyone in construction, even glass repairs or glass replacement companies, you want to make sure they’re local and have been in business for several years. 

Too many companies pop up overnight, promise you a discounted new window installation, perform shoddy work, and disappear after payment is made. 

Will they provide a detailed estimate? 

Any specialist glass replacement or glass repairs company will know pretty accurately how much any type of glass service will cost. That means that you should be able to receive a comfortable estimate you can have that will accurately reflect close to what the final cost should be. 

In fact, it should also have a complete breakdown of all the costs, from the glass itself to any items needed for the type of service, whether it’s glass replacement and new windows or just glass repairs. In addition, they should also include the estimated labour costs without any type of hesitation. 

In addition to a detailed cost estimate, they should also be able to provide a holistic timeline and project plan of the service, regardless of how long or short it may be. For example, they should have the ability to tell you when you’ll need to give them the room and space for any major glass replacement or glass repair work, and that type of schedule should be easy to follow. You should also have a definitive end date, barring no unforeseen circumstances that may inadvertently delay the work. 

Who will be at the site? 

This is important for several reasons. First, if you’re speaking to an expert glass contractor, you should expect that person to be on the site in a primary capacity. Second, if you’re just talking to a customer support or sales-type person, you’ll want to ask to speak with the person handling the work to see if they’re qualified. 

Third, if you’re going to have highly specialized glass work done, the highest-level expert should be on hand to actually handle the work. Finally, if it’s common standard types of new windows and glass repairs, it’s ok to have these experts working with subordinates if they’re on the job site and supervising and guiding the work. Otherwise, you won’t know what type of quality the work will be after the job is done. 

You also want to ensure that you have the complete list of people that will be on the property for safety reasons, so there’s a sense of accountability that comes with this predetermined list. 

Does the work come with some form of warranty or guarantee?

Most types of construction work and building installations should have a warranty attached to them. Glass repairs and new windows are no different. You want to know exactly what the guarantee of the work looks like and what the warranty covers, so in case something may go wrong, your work is covered and should be easy to claim with the insurance group. 

You also want to work with experts in the business that can help recommend the best course of action, whether you even need to do a glass replacement or whether a simple glass repair with an extended warranty will be enough.

That’s why if you’re looking for glassworkers that are experts locally in Sydney, consider reaching out to us at Champion Windows. We’ll be glad to answer any questions; even the ones brought up above, when it comes to anything related to windows and the various types and installation types. 

We want you to feel totally assured when we come over to handle your next new windows installation or if you need us to come over for a quick inspection and see if any glass repairs are required. 

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