What is Glass Replacement & How Does it Work?

Glass Replacement

Trying to choose between replacing your windows or repairing them? You should know that you aren’t alone. Most people are unsure what glass replacement is and how it differs from whole window replacement. While this article will discuss glass replacement, it is important to define what whole window replacement is first.

What is a Whole Window Replacement?

Whole window replacement is a process that involves taking off the entire window (frames, sashes and all) to replace it with a wholly new unit. A whole window replacement can be a great option for those with windows that are old, inoperable, in poor condition, or use a single-pane.

What is Glass Replacement?

With that out of the way, we can discuss window glass replacement. The window glass replacement consists of removing the glass from a window frame or sash, depending on the construction of the window. A window glass replacement can be a great option for still new window frames or window frames in relatively decent condition. The window frame is still good in this situation, but you have a cracked or broken glass pane.


When it comes to replacing glass, most homeowners only consider the process when they experience one of the following issues:


  • Draft windows
  • High energy bills
  • Cracks in the glass
  • Condensation between the glass panes
  • Leaks around the window frame

Generally, an entire window replacement is recommended when the window is a single pane glass, as only a replacement can help in this situation.

Which Process is Best?

When you compare glass replacement to full window replacement, it can appear like picking between a short term solution and a long term fix for your home. The decision you make should be based on the issue you face. For instance, if you intend to replace a glass sliding door due to a crack, it doesn’t make financial sense to replace the entire door just to replace the glass.


There are various benefits to conducting a glass replacement instead of a full window replacement. If you can solve the issue with a house window glass replacement, you are bound to save more doing just that. Furthermore, conducting a broken window repair will drastically reduce heat loss and accurately regulate your home’s internal temperature, resulting in significant energy savings.


When you get a window glass replacement from an expert, you can get back to doing what you love, as the installation process doesn’t take the whole day.


You should note that replacing the entire window is a more expensive process considering you aren’t just paying for the glass. Nevertheless, you are bound to see increased benefits from this process.

Why Should You Do Window Glass Replacement?

The following reasons are why you should consider broken window replacement:

If the pane is broken

If you have a broken windowpane, replacing the window entirely might be overkill. An inexpensive and faster way is to conduct glass replacement. This process requires removing the broken pane before installing the new one.

Weatherstripping and caulking are next to ensure the window doesn’t let in any drafts. With this process, glass replacement is more inexpensive than replacing the entire window. Furthermore, you can enlist the services of a professional glass replacement service such as Champion windows to handle the job without costing an arm and a leg.

If the window is foggy

Condensation, fogginess, and streaking between triple or double pane windows are referred to as blown windows. This damaged glass is typical with older windows and means something is wrong. This issue could result from a broken seal, which lets condensation occur between the panes. It could also mean that the low-emissivity coatings are exposed, and the injected insulating gasses are oxidising.

The solution to this issue is typically to conduct a broken window repair by using a new sash or insert, which is less expensive than replacing your entire window.

You should note that sash replacement or glass replacement is a great choice for windows with condensation issues; however, this should be seen as a temporary solution. In this scenario, fog or condensation is present between the glass panes rather than on the outside. Having condensation between the glass is a telltale sign of seal damage and failure.

Other instances that warrant window glass replacement

House window glass replacement is always a choice when your house’s window frames are in great shape, but the issue is with the glass. Most individuals select house window glass replacement and door glass replacement when the glass is broken or if they have to deal with regular condensation problems between the glass panes.

You should note that window glass replacement is typically seen as a short term fix to window issues unless the following happens:


  • If your window frame is constructed from historic wood
  • If the window frames are still new and only the glass in the sash is broken

Historic homeowners typically want to preserve the original architecture of their homes as much as possible. For this reason, a professional glazier such as Champion Windows can help you get the right glass door replacement for you. Thankfully, replacing older windows is a lot easier and less expensive than replacing triple or double pane insulated glass units.

With new window frames, you can enlist the services of Champion Window, a window glass replacement expert across Sydney & the Central Coast Area. Our team of experienced professionals are available 24/7, and we have a wide range of replacement glass window sizes and types to choose from. We’re sure to have the perfect glass replacements for your home or office!

Champion Windows is the most affordable glass replacement company in Sydney and will replace your cracked or broken glass at an affordable price with no fuss. With Champion Windows emergency glass repair on-site in next to no time, you won’t have to put up with dangerously broken windows for long.

We service Sydney and all of its surrounding suburbs, including the Central Coast area – so wherever you are, we’ll be there too!

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